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Counseling & management

At TK Paris, we listen closely to the needs of every client. While it ultimately allows us to form lasting relationships, this initial attention is the basis of our profession.

Logistics that match your requirements

logistic solutions

Setting up the best transport solutions without taking your activities into account would be completely senseless. Indeed, each sector of activity has its own constraints in terms of deadlines, frequency and volumes.

There are thus many factors in the equation which our logistics engineers will simplify in order to obtain a clear solution that will assist you in running your daily activities more smoothly.

Fully integrated
& made-to-measure solutions

tailor made logistic

Whatever the size of your business, a personalized assessment is the best cornerstone for a logistics chain that meets your needs. A lot of SMEs show considerable fluctuation with respect to supply and shipping. When the seasonal nature of the production rate is included, it is easier to understand the importance of prior assessment followed by unfailing attention to client needs.


logistic solutions adapted to your needs

According to the specifications that we will have drawn up with you, our engineers will design personalized solutions for reception, warehousing, and delivery, adapted to each of your business requirements. This three-tiered management of supplies, stocks and orders allows you to fully outsource your logistics operations and thus control costs while refocusing on your core business activities.

Let us manage your flows!

Flow management requires expert experience! at TK Paris, we make every effort to maximize the efficiency of each of your flows while minimizing operational inertia: limited bulk-breaking, cost control, etc.


Logisticians by vocation, TK Paris and its partners use the top tools on the market for optimizing flows, routes and energy consumption.

logistic software

Software such as FleetBoard®, DispoPilot®, and Ortec Shortrec® provide our experts with state-of-the art technological support. Because loving the road never kept anyone from taking a shortcut!

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To its clients’ great relief, TK Paris takes sole charge of deploying and manageing its teams.

Il faut reconnaître que la solidité, l’expérience et le sérieux de chacun de nos partenaires nous permet d’aborder cet aspect de notre métier avec le sentiment agréable d’être bien accompagné…

It’s true that the strength, experience and rigor of each of our partners allow us to approach this side of our profession with the pleasant feeling of being well supported...
On the client end, it’s a winning situation for you due to long-term partnerships which guarantee you get terms and conditions that are often unbeatable. This includes privileged access to our modular platforms in Paris and Lyon through our partner CGVL as well as pre-negotiated agreements with the major ports and airports in Europe!

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Correctly-prepared consignments!

Entrusting TK Paris with your logistics is more than just the best way to free your hands so you can run your business.

logistics and goods transport It’s also an excellent means of freeing your mind with the guarantee that your consignments are in good hands at every key step:

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