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secure your goods When you entrust yor goods to us, you know that we take care of what we transport as well as our surroundings.

TK Paris doesn’t compromise when it comes to meeting deadlines, caring for consignments and respecting the environment. It has set up strict “quality and safety” procedures that guarantee you an optimal level of safety and an irreproachable quality of service.

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logistic punctuality and reliability Of all the guarantees we offer, we feel that meeting deadlines is the very least we can do. Being on time is not only a question of reliability; it is also tangible proof of our professionalism.

By providing you with a single contact, TK Paris can ensure impeccable tracking and a level of responsiveness that has given us our reputation and which allows us today to guarantee delivery in 24, 48 or 72 hours flat, within the time slot you wanted.
Contrary to low-cost messenger services, we adapt our schedule to yours – and that changes everything!


traceability of your goods Guaranteeing the integrity of your consignment is great, but letting you oversee operations at all times is even better! Digital tracking gives you full and constant control every step of the way.

Knowing where your products are in real time, as well as the exact time they are picked up and delivered, is especially reassuring when shipping products that are sensitive, classified or have a high added value. This obsession with transparency also gives us the keys to real-time tracking, calculated reporting and constant improvement in every link in your logistics chain.


eco-responsibility A subsidiary of the cgvl group, TK Paris is committed to reducing its impact on the environment. As a signatory of the co2 program for road freight transport, we limit our carbon footpring as far as possible through a fleet of eco-performance vehicles.

We scrupulously choose each of our service providers with respect to their own commitment because - and we can’t say this often enough - there can be no Sustainable Development without responsible transport!

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